Did you know as much as 20% of your home’s indoor air is lost to your windows? Whether you’re in the summer or winter months, covering your windows correctly can lead to great energy savings through proper insulation. Especially if you live in Northeast Atlanta, where many of the homes are more than 30 years old, window coverings can be especially useful.

No matter what room in your home or office you want to cover, there are ample options for you! Let’s look at a few of our options to keep your home and office cool or warm, depending on the season.

Types of Shades for Insulation


Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are your best energy-saving option when you don’t want to completely obstruct your view outside, but still want to cancel out harmful UV rays. Cellular shades are also known as the honeycomb shade and can add style and lightness to any room of your home, while maintaining cool temperatures throughout! And, if you want to block out light completely, perhaps for a restful night’s sleep, you can get cellular shades in sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics. 

Solar Shades

 As the name suggests, solar shades are an efficient option to keeping solar heat out of your home. This can help aid against higher energy usage and discomfort in your living space— a place meant to be cool and comfortable all year ‘round! Solar shades help diffuse natural sunlight, block harmful UV rays, and maintain a cool temperature in your rooms. Solar shades an amazing option for your outdoor patios and decks, too, as their UV blocking abilities carry over to the outdoors as well. Protect your family and your guests this summer by utilizing practical solar shades!

Budget Blinds Atlanta Northeast


Shutters provide a thick, stable barrier between the sun’s heat against your windows and the cool air inside your rooms. Complementing the design of your home, shutters can add an extra touch of style to your space. At Budget Blinds of Atlanta Northeast, we trust Norman shutters to supply our clients with the best quality and most practical shutters on the market.

Norman shutters are more efficient than others on the market because they offer patented Prescription Wood Conditioning technology. In the summer months, if your home does have typical moisture or humidity, shutters by Norman are guaranteed not to warp or cup due to the re-climatization process the shutters have gone through, which allows them to match the ambient humidity of their destination. 

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Roman Shades

Roman shades are a luxurious choice for when you want to add elegance to a room and maintain its core temperature. Roman shades give you the most decorative option of other energy saving window coverings, as they come in various styles with customizable fabric valances, decorative trim or fringe, or even real wood cornices. Roman shades are available in a range of light filtering and room darkening fabrics to give you the freedom to create the right look for your home while maintaining your desired indoor temperature.  

Commercial Energy Saving Options

As with any building you’ll be inhabiting, whether it’s your home or your office where you spend up to 40 hours a week, your environment should be comfortable! Luckily, the experts at Budget Blinds of Northeast Atlanta are well-equipped to design options with you to meet even your largest projects. Whether the windows you want to cover are large, uniquely shaped, or high up, we can customize it all!

Let the team at Budget Blinds Atlanta Northeast give you a free in-home consultation to find the window coverings that are right for you. Whether you want to design a child-safe option, or cover entire sections outdoors, we can make your dreams a reality! Call today while the summer is still in full, hot swing!